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Kymberly Caldwell
Founder & CEO at Faith Girl and Black Girls Build Residual Income

In the current economic crisis, Black women are faced with a lack of economic opportunity. There are significant differences in assets and education between Black women and White women. in the United States. The median net worth of Black women is $5,900 compared to $20,000 for White women. In 2009, black women controlled less than 8% of the wealth in the United States and earned about half of men's wages. Women have fewer opportunities for success because they are more likely to be poor with limited access to resources such as education and capital that facilitate economic progress.

Income is not enough to make a substantial difference in their economic progress. Wealth is becoming increasingly important because it shapes opportunities for success.

Black Build Residual Income offers educational workshops and connections to business professionals to help build wealth for Black Women. We'll teach you how to take charge of your finances, so you can become financially free. Are you ready to join the Black Girls Build Residual Income movement? The first step is joining our masterclass!


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